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In 1748, Swedish botanist and anatomist, Carl Linnaeus published his taxonomic classification of all the plants and the animals of that period time. His classification was not based on evolutionary relationship but simply on resemblances. He divided all known forms of life between the plant and animal kingdom.Then in 1969, Robert H. Whittaker introduced the 5 kingdom system: monera, protista, plantae, fungi and animalia. Whittaker’s system recognized two fundamentally different levels of cell organization; prokaryotic and eukaryotic and both are under the kingdom monera. Eukaryotic can be divided into unicellular and multicellular. Then he distinguished three kingdoms of multicellular eukaryotes based partly on the types of nutrition; plantae, fungi and animalia. Plants are autotrophs that mean they produce their own food by photosynthesis. Fungi and animals are heterotrophs, they cannot do their own food. Protista consists of all unicellular eukaryotes that did not fit the definition of plants, fungi and animals. Some of them are multicellular too.

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Mutation refers to any changes in the amount or arrangement of genes or nucleotide sequence of a DNA encoding the gene or chromosomes in a cell of an organism. It can take place in any cell of an organism. It may also produce a new characteristic that can be inherited, if it occurs in the gamete. It can also lead to the lost of the gene function or produce the new function. Most of these mutations are recognized as mutants because the phenotype (physical) of the organism has changed. Mutation can be classified as gene mutation and chromosomal mutation while the two types of mutation are spontaneous and induced mutation. The spontaneous mutation occurs naturally while the induced mutation is caused by mutagen such as chemical and radiation. Mutagens are substances or agents that can cause a much high rate of mutation. The process involved is mutagenesis. Mutagens have two types: physical mutagen like UV rays and X-rays, and chemical mutagen like mustard gas.

Biology Oxford Fajar

How to use a cat to attract a women?

Maybe this article must be a good news for the men and not for the women. It tell on how cats is used by the men to attract the women but if only he is a pet lover and not allergic with those furry creatures. Men who are going to take this tip in order to attract women should first know on how to take a good care and treat the cat properly. Then, you can go on with other step. How can this little creatures can help the men? Actually, women think men who love cats are sensitive, caring person and more nice than the one who hate cats. Cats is the female magnets. After that, ask the woman to have a dinner or whatever at your house. But first keep your house clean and tidy your cat nicely. So, hopefully all men can get their dreamy women after this.

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How to introduce a dog to a cat?

Do you know cat lovers and dog lovers can be friend even the cat and the dog themself can do that. Here are some tips on how to introduce a dog to a cat.

First, put the cat and the dog in a room together.
Second, make first your dog obey to your instruction even with other distraction such as new cat.
Third, Keep your cat confined to one room and attract it with food and milk. Same goes to the dog. Then, try to get them more closer by placing their foods beside of each other.
Forth, put them together while they are sleeping in order to make them accustomed with each other's scent.
Lastly, the time come for the first controlled meeting. Always be on the side of your cat so that nothing bad happened to your small cat.
Whatever it is, you should take into account that they might fell uncomfortable with each other for the first time and you need to take care of the cat especially because commonly the dog must be bigger than the cat.

Albert Einstein

He was born in Ulm, in Wurttemberg, Germany, on March 14, 1879. He went to school at the Luitpold Gymnasium, in Munich. In 1896 he entered the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich to be trained to be teacher in Physics and Mathematics. In 1901, it is the year he gained his diploma from Swiss citizenship and as he was enable to find the teaching post, he accepted a position as technical assistant in the Swiss Patent Office. In 1905, he obtained his doctor's degree. After years of teaching in various established universities in Europe, he immigrated to America in 1933 for political reasons and war pressure. He took up the position of of Professor of Theoretical Physics at Princeton and retired in 1945. It was within those years that he had invented the historical momentum of human race; the atomic bomb - a disastrous invention that was used to destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. Much to his regret, his discovery had killed many lives and left the world to suffer.

Preparing to study

There are several things that we should take into account when we are going to study. There are 9 things.
  1. Is my study place available to me whenever I need it? Set a better place for your study. If you are going to share with others, you better make schedule.
  2. Is your study place free from interruption? Make yourself free from others. Make something that other people or things will not interrupe your study.
  3. Is my study place free from distraction? Research shows most students best study in quiet place. Although you find listening to the music will give better condition, but you still have to keep the volume is low.
  4. Does my study place contains all the study materials I need? Make sure all the things you need in order to study are complete and exist.
  5. Does my study place contain a large enough table or desk? This is important to make sure the table is able to hold everything you need.
  6. Does my study place have enough storage space? It is used to keep your study materials properly.
  7. Does my study place have a comfortable chair? The uncomfortable one will give pain to you and interrupe your study.
  8. Does my study place have enough light? It is the really important thing that we should alert because to study we used light to see clearly.
  9. Does my study place have a comfortable temperature? Choose the better condition for your study place in order to get the better concentration on your study.


It is a purification technique in which compounds with different boiling points can be separated by controlled heating. Vapors from the heated sample can be recondensed and collected, purer than the initial mixture. The liquid which has not vaporized is called the residue while the one which is collected in the receiver is called the distillate. There are various of distillation such as simple distillation, fractional distillation, steam distillation and vacuum distillation. Basically the distillation set up must have distillation flask, condenser with two tubes for the water in and out and the receiving flask which is used to collect the distillate.

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